Detox Salad Drink Mix


What is Detox Salad Drink Mix? 

A Drinkable Salad.

An expert team composed of professional doctors, nutritionists, and scientific researchers have developed an exclusive formula after 10 years of extensive research. Using natural raw materials and cutting-edge aerospace technology to blend the purest nutritional elements into a new generation of green health foods. By repeatedly combining a variety of materials in different amounts, the golden ratio is reached, thus the creation of Future Salad’s flagship product - Detox Salad Drink Mix. 

• One sachet is equal to the nutrition of 5 bowls of salads, low in calories and high in nutrition.

Nourishes skin care and boosts metabolism.

• High-fiber slimming for easy detoxification.

• Long-term drinking effects are more noticeable.

Easy to prepare and carry, with sweet and sour taste.

• One cup will let you release your body and mind and regain your vitality from the inside out.

The new salad drink can reduce food waste of traditional salad, reduce the electricity and carbon emissions required to preserve the salad, and reduce the use of plastic food utensils. We are the next generation with you to create a better nature.

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