Future Salad - Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Drinkable Wellness

Future Salad is a new form of salad with nutritions that you needed.
Future Salad is made by refining different kinds of natural ingredients through our Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology.

Future Salad's new Salad Drink Mix is different from traditional salads as of a longer shelf life than ordinary vegetables and salad dishes. By consuming Future Salad, we can reduce food waste without losing any nutritional value.

Detox Future Salad

  • Contain dietary fiber roughly equivalent to 5 bowls of salad.
  • Supplement your insufficient vegetable intake every day.
  • Detox with ease.
Nutrition Facts

Anti-Aging Future Salad

  • High antioxidant effect.
  • keep cells young and energetic.
  • help to delay skin aging and eliminate wrinkles.

Anti-Aging+ (NMN20000) Future Salad

  • Based on original Anti-Aging Future Salad.
  • with ingredient NMN for DNA Repairing.
Nutrition Facts