Satiety with High Fiber

Detox Salad

A perfect solutions that helps with slimming down and detoxification through high fiber intake.


What is Future Salad?

  • 1. Drinkable form of a Salad Box

  • 2. Mix with Any Drinks

  • 3. Enviromental Friendly

  • 4. Nutrients that you needed

Combining nature and innovative technology, realising the concept of plant-based, functional and sustainable food development, to provide mankind with more effective and comprehensive future health food choices.

More About its Technology

Shake with water, juice, milk, soy milk, oat milk, tea or any other drinks at your own choice. Suit with your diet plan.


Reduce energy consumption and waste all the while enjoying Future Salad products.

How friendly?

Bringing healthier, happier, and higher quality lives to people around the world using healthy foods of the future.

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