What is Future Salad?

Future Salad is a drink powder made by refining more than 10 kinds of all-natural ingredients through the Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology. It has 6 amazing benefits which are Full of Nutrition, Skin Care and Beautification, Boost Metabolism, Weight Loss with Dietary Fiber, Detox with Ease, and Keeping your Heart Healthy.Future Salad is different from traditional salads, this is drinkable salads. One sachet is equivalent to 5 bowls of salad nutrition.

Where can I buy Future Salad product?

Consumer can purchase Future Salad products through the official website or designated distributors.

What kind of nutrition does Future Salad have?

Future Salad is rich in nutrients and comprehensive, including a variety of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, polyphenols and other nutrients. A pack of Future Salad has a net weight of 12 g and dietary fiber content of 5.7 g.

How many times a day is recommended to drink the Future Salad?

Future Salad is made with all-natural ingredients, without additives and medicinal properties. The client should not have any concern about the side effects or dependence on that product. It can be used as a daily nutritional supplement/ nutritious drink. We recommend pack per day is suggested.

Can I consume the Future Salad for losing weight and slimming purposes?

Future Salad is a Salad Mix Drink that can be consumed with other simple foods to form a light meal. You can drink the product before meals to increase the satiety in order to reduce the intake of food.

How many days does it take to receive the item after the order is confirmed

After the order is confirmed, our colleagues will pack and deliver the goods within 1-2 working days (excluding public holidays), and then it will be dispatched by SF Express and delivered to the shipping address. In general, the lead time of SF express is 1-2 days, it depends on their arrangement and any changing of them).

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