Future Salad Detox Drink Mix (7 Packs)



Let's Reimagine Salad

Future Salad: Your Nutrient-Dense Super Bowl

Unlock the goodness of 5 bowls of salad in one convenient pack! Future Salad contains the essence of 13 different vegetables and fruits, delivering a potent blend of fiber and nutrients. Simply mix with water, drink, and experience a nourishing boost in just a minute.

Cleanse and Energize from Within

Rejuvenate your gut with Future Salad's fiber and nutrients. By promoting efficient digestion, softening your bowel movements, and aiding the removal of old stools, Future Salad helps eliminate toxins and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Detox for a Slimmer, Radiant You

Unlock your transformation with Future Salad's detoxifying power. By eliminating toxins, Future Salad helps you on your journey towards a slimmer physique, improved complexion, and fresher breath.

Additional Notes

  • Avoid using hot water.

  • The mixture becomes jelly-like? Drink it before it sets next time.

  • Normal to have more bowel movements at the beginning.

  • If you experience mild abdominal discomfort, drink plenty of water afterward.

  • Avoid alcohol 2 hours before and after Future Salad.

  • Start slow: 1 pack a day or every other day.

  • Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have a health condition.