Why should I choose Allklear Salad Drink Mix?

Salad Drink Mix matches with urbanites' pursuit of health and environmental desire.

1. Supplemental Dietary Fiber and Nutrition Needs

Future Salad Detox Salad Drink Mix, a drinkable salad, 1 sachet equals 5 bowls |   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

WHO recommends that adults consume 25-30 grams of dietary fiber per day. Most urbanites eat more meat and less vegetables for three meals a day. A sachet contains 5 bowls of salad vegetable fiber, nutrition, various vitamins and trace elements, which can solve the troubles caused by insufficient vegetable intake.

2. Sweet and Refreshing

Future Salad Detox Salad Drink Mix Refreshing Taste   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

According to statistics, up to 89% of the world's population do not eat enough vegetables daily. One of the reasons is that the taste and taste of vegetables are not good. The grassy taste and bitterness of salad dishes are not acceptable to everyone. The new salad drink has been formulated for a long time to obtain the best golden ratio of taste and efficacy, and the freshness of vegetables and fruits is preserved. The taste mainly comes from green apple and guava. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. It tastes refreshing and has no grassy smell at all. It is an innovative way to experience salad.

3. Shake and Drink

Add 250 ml water to make your own drinkable Salad   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

Traditional Salad takes long time to prep and not suitable for busy lifestyle of urban life. Future Salad Salad Drink Mix uses ‘Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology’ to preserve the nutrients in vegetables. It’s quick and easy, takes only 10 seconds. It is the perfect quick meal for urbanities. 

4. Customize your salad  with your favorite beverage

Customize your own drink. Shake it with milk, water, tea, juice   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

Besides mixing Allklear Salad Drink Mix with water, you can customize your Allklear’s Salad Drink with your different beverages according to personal taste, such as skim milk, oat milk, apple juice, etc. 

5. Detox with Ease

The dietary fiber  in the Detox Salad Drink Mix can absorb water and swell, which can increase the feeling of fullness and reduce hunger. It results in reduced calorie intake, and detoxification. Detox Salad Drink Mix is made from 12 kinds of natural vegetables and fruits. The ingredients are natural and vegan. It is suitable for vegetarians or halal people. It provides a variety of nutrients and dietary fibers that is commonly found to be insufficient or cannot be consumed in ordinary meals. The benefits include beautiful skin, boost metabolism, maintain heart health and suit the urban diet.

6. Extend Shelf Life, Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Carbon Emission, reduce storage occupancy, reduce plastic containers and cutlery and reduce food waste   | Detox Salad Drink Mix 7 Sachets | Detox Series | Future Salad Allklear

As global food price inflation continues, and vegetable prices rise rapidly. Moreover, affected by global warming and natural disasters, the shelf life of fruits and vegetables has been further tested, causing food safety and hygiene problems and  waste. As a futuristic food-tech company, we emphasize innovation and sustainable development. Therefore, we use space food technology "Krystallos sublimation drying technology" to convert more than ten natural raw materials into powder with long-term shelf life.

How was Detox Salad Drink Mix made


1. Strict Selection of Origin

Select high quality and trusted farm suppliers from around the world. Manage source quality to ensure food safety. Low-quality ingredients, heavy metals, and pesticide residues are strictly prohibited.

2. Excellent Fresh Procurement 

In-house team monitors supply chain status, purchases fresh ingredients from all over the world, cleans and sorts them for use.


1. Krystallos

Quick-freeze different ingredients (about -36 degrees to -41 degrees), according to the ingredient’s best processing temperature, transform free water into ice crystals 

2. Vacuum sublimation

Ice crystals will be sublimated into a gaseous state when enters the 20pa vacuum cabin, more than 98% of the water will be extracted from the ingredients. Nutrients can be completely retained during this process 

3. Molding into Powder 

Blow ingredients into a smooth powder with a spray gun.